We are happy to see you at Lake Baikal!
We live near Lake Baikal. We love Baikal and are eager to share our excitement with you! Our company is an international inbound tour operator. We organize tours of any complexity and work both with individual tourists and groups.
Baikal is the world's deepest lake (1,642 m) as well as the world’s largest freshwater lake! Thousands of endemic species inhabit Baikal and its surroundings.

Only at Baikal, you will

taste the most delicious omul!

have a chance to see the cutest Baikal endemic ‑ Baikal seal (nerpa)!

travel by the amazing Circum-Baikal railway!

Dog sledding and snowmobiling in winter, funny Maslenitsa celebration and awakening of Baikal nature in spring, crystal clear water and wonderful Baikal nature in summer, rich colors of autumn forest of the Baikal region - You can admire all this by visiting Baikal!

Irkutsk is an awesome hospitable city, which is just 60 kilometers away from Baikal. This modern dynamically developing city with a rich history and excellent infrastructure attracts more and more tourists every year from all over the world!

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